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How to Relieve Back Pain Fast

Written by Jessie A

Last updated October 2017.

When you are lifting a heavy weight or do some hard work, you may feel neck and back pain. Here there are causes of neck and back pain and how to relieve from back pain and neck pain quickly at home.

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Neck pain and back pain is one of the most frequent nowadays. Its due to poor postures. Poor posture is one of the causes of back pain. Staying many hours sitting in front of the computer with your back in an incorrect position, with your head tilted down, is the causes of neck pain and causes of back pain. It is important to strengthen muscles and give them flexibility.

Causes of neck pain and back pain

  • Lack of flexibility and poor posture for hours.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Weakness in neck muscle.
  • Stress.
  • Overweight: Having excess weight and an unhealthy diet, we work the back and force it too much, which causes pain.
  •  Sleep with a pillow that is not adequate.
  • Emotional problems: they generate stress and depression. Therefore, stiffness and pain in the area. causes of neck pain
  • Inheritance: Some causes of back pain may be of genetic origin, due to diseases that affect the spine. causes of neck pain

All the above are causes of neck pain and causes of back pain.

How to Relieve Back Pain & Relieve Neck Pain

How to relieve from back pain and neck pain1. Rotation

This exercise will stretch the muscles on both sides of the neck .

  • We will do it sitting in a chair.
  • We should move the head slowly to one side and then to the other, gently.  how to relieve from back pain 

As far as possible, we should stretch our neck as much as we can. So rotation is help to relieve back pain & neck pain.

2. Shrugging how to relieve from back pain 

  • He shrugs his shoulders as if you wanted to touch your ears, keep a few seconds and then relax. how to relieve from back pain 
  • When you relax your shoulders you repeat the exercise again.
    The exercise will help to relieve from back pain..

3. Push-ups to relieve from back pain

This is one of the best way to relieve from back pain.

  • To carry out this exercise we should be seated, and start with the right head.
  • Next, we will bring the chin to the chest, and we will maintain the posture for a few seconds.
  • We will return to the starting position with the right head, to rest and repeat the exercise.
  • It is also best way to relieve neck pain.

4. Retraction

With this exercise we will be giving flexibility to the neck muscles. It is important to keep your back against the backrest. Its relieve from neck pain.

  • We will take the head back, we will maintain the position for a few seconds and we will return to relieve from back pain 
  • It is essential to do so to relieve from back pain

5. Stretching to relieve from back pain

  • Here we are going to tilt the head to one side, so that it almost touches the shoulder, which will be relaxed.
  • Then we will hold for a few seconds and lean towards the other side.
  • We can help with the opposite hand to stretch better.

6. Learn to breathe better

Proper breathing will help a lot to loosen the body and eliminate tensions, which are often the ones that cause the pain.

7. Hand massage to relieve from neck pain

How to relieve from back pain and neck painIf we do not have anyone who can give us a massage, doing it ourselves in the affected area can be very effective.

  • With the justify hand press the right shoulder and tilt the head slightly to the to relieve from back pain 
  • Squeeze lightly with your fingers and make gentle movements, from neck to shoulder, then to the other side.

8. Apply an anti-inflammatory cream or gel in the area

It is also advisable to place a warm herbal pillow without burning. This simple gesture favors a lot when it comes to relaxing muscles and relieve from neck pain.

9. Exercise to relieve from neck pain

It is very good to be in movement, to walk, to swim, to trot … Of course, never forgetting the subsequent stretches.

That way we increase the blood supply in the area of the body that is rigid.

10. Sleep well causes of back pain

  • A good rest is essential for the body to recover and thus prevent a pain in the shoulders and back.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, you can prepare a Valerian tea. There are a variety of herbs to help you sleep naturally.

11. Maintain a healthy weight

Try to reduce if you are overweight not to demand your body.

12. Maintains good body posture

To avoid neck and back pain it is essential to take this point into account.

Always watch your posture: stay straight, head up and shoulders back.

13. Avoid lifting heavy objects to relieve from neck pain

Most of you try to avoid lifting heavy objects. If you do, remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight. causes of back pain

I hope that you were known about ways to relieve from neck pain. And relieve from back pain naturally. Now you will know that causes of neck pain & the causes of  back pain.  I promise you. If you practice this you will relieve from your neck pain and back pain naturally fast at home. Don’t forget to share this article.causes of back pain

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