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How to Clean Your Hands Properly

Written by Jessie A

Last updated December 2017.

In this article I’ll show you “how to clean your hands properly in depth. I Surely, that is very useful to you. Read and learn to clean hands properly.

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The hands are constantly in direct contact with all kinds of objects and surfaces. So its one of the main routes of infection of many infections or diseases. Dirt accumulates on your hands can damage the skin in the long run and make it more dry and cracked. To avoid this,  we show you some tricks to clean hands in depth and protect the skin.

When you wash your hands?

For this reason, we must wash our hands before:

  • Preparing to eat food.
  • Treat wounds, administer medications, or care for a sick or injured person.
  • Inserting or removing contact lenses.

We should also always wash our hands after:

  • Prepare food, especially raw meat or poultry.
  • Go to the bathroom or change a diaper.
  • After touching an animal.
  • After handle waste.
  • Blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing in your hands.
  • Heal wounds or care for a sick or injured person.
  • Handle chemicals in the house or garden, or anything that may be contaminated.
  • Clean with a cleaning cloth or touch dirty shoes.

6 Steps to Clean Your Hands Properly

It is an apparently simple task, here is step by step how to wash your hands properly to achieve a really effective hygiene:

How to clean your hands properly

  1. Wet hands with warm water – between 20 and 37 ° C – to remove superficial microorganisms.
  2. Add soap to the palms of the hands.
  3. Rub with energy, also rubbing the back, the wrists and the inter-digital spaces. This operation must be performed for a minimum of  5 – 10 seconds.
  4. Brush nails and fingers with a previously soiled brush to remove any dirt that may remain under the nails, for about 5 seconds.
  5. Put your hands under running water from the tap, and make sure to completely remove the soap. If the hands are very dirty, repeat the process until the rinse water is clean.
  6. Finally, you should dry your hands thoroughly with disposable paper towels, to avoid re-contamination. For the same reason, it is advisable to use one of those towels to turn off the tap or open the door.

Clean Your Hands with Below Things

1. Soap and water

This is the traditional method to clean the hands and to keep them always in good condition. It is important to wash your hands properly at least before eating or touching food and after going to the bathroom, sneezing, coughing or touching anything that is dirty.

How to Clean Your Hands Properly

Take into account the following indications to do well:

  • Wet your hands with warm water and put some soap.
  • Rub your hands with energy, affecting, especially, between the fingers and the nails , since these accumulate a lot of dirt. Continue rubbing for about 20 seconds.
  • Then rinse them with warm water and dry them with a clean towel or air dryer.

2. Disinfectant and antibacterial gel for hands

Unlike traditional soaps, on the market we can find disinfectant and antibacterial gels for hands that ensure a deeper cleaning. In fact, they contain ingredients, such as triclosan, which is help to reducing the microbial flora of the hands. That is why these types of soaps are the most used by professionals in laboratories, hospitals and food handlers.

3. Clean hands dry

How to Clean Your Hands Properly

On many occasions we feel the need to wash our hands. But it is not possible to do, because we are in a place where we do not have soap and water. For these situations, there is a handy and practical hand washing trick . Soaps or gel don’t require to rinsing or wet wipes in travel format. They are easy to carry and ideal for washing your hands and leaving them completely healthy at any time of the day.

4. Lemon and vinegar to clean hands properly

How to Clean Your Hands ProperlyA homemade trick to clean your hands and remove all the dirt is to prepare and apply a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. Both are natural ingredients with powerful cleaning properties. So it is very useful to eliminate any type of stain on the skin and improve its tone and quality. Just rub your hands with the mixture and then rinse with warm water.

5. Olive oil, salt and lemon to remove fat from the hands properly

How to Clean Your Hands Properly

This is a very effective hand cleaning trick especially for greasy hands dirty and their skin ends up acquiring a raspy and rough texture. Just apply a little salt, olive oil and lemon juice in your hands. Rub your hands until you get some kind of paste and after a few minutes do it, rinse with warm water.

It is necessary to clean your hands properly. Through this article you learnt to clean your hands properly. The hand washing is an easy way to avoid any illness or infection. So clean your hands properly and say good bye to many diseases.

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