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How to Clean Under Nails

Written by Jessie A

Last updated : October 2017.

Today I will show how to clean under nails. You should give importance to nails like a face.

Like the face, hands also make a good impression. For this reason, special attention must be paid and always kept in perfect condition. Because there is nothing more unpleasant than a person with dirty and disarranged nails.

Dirty and sloppy nails send a negative signal of personal cleanliness and ugly appearance. On the contrary, clean nails offer an impression of care and attention to your person. Let’s see how to clean under nails.

How to Clean Under Nails

1. Put your hands to soak

To begin the cleaning under nails, it is essential to put your hands soaking for at least 10 minutes in hot water. Because the soils below the nail are softened so we can remove them more easily.

How to Clean Under Nails

You can also choose to soak your hands in a water solution with a little liquid detergent . If you use one of good quality will not damage the smoothness of your hands, and the end result will be basically great.

2. Using a toothbrush

How to Clean Under Nails

To clean under nails, you can use toothbrush to remove dirt completely. In this way, you can clean under nails accurately and reaching all corners. We recommend wetting it and using a neutral soap that does not damage your skin.

3. Nail-bleaching

The hydrogen peroxide will be very useful to clean under nails and whiten your nails. You only have to apply it with the help of cotton or swab. Then you should rinse your hands under the water tap. You need to repeat the action several times a week for optimal results.

4. Removes dirt

To remove the dirt that is below the nails you can use one of the accessories that brings a classic nail cut and remove all the grease and garbage that the hot water with detergent has softened. Of course, be very careful not to hurt yourself. Because after a while with your fingers in hot water, the skin becomes much more sensitive, and usually opens much more easily.

5. Mask

Make homemade masks so your hands look soft. For example: grate a very fine potato and add some yogurt, making a kind of paste that will serve to apply it. Squeeze it in your hands and let it act for 15 minutes. Then remove and rinse it. It gives best result to your nails.

6. Toothpick

How to Clean Under Nails

To remove large pieces of dirt from the nails, use the tip of a nail file or a toothpick. Start at the edge of the nail and go to center. Be very careful not to hurt this region, because the skin that is below the nail is very sensitive.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

In a glass of hot water throw a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide, immerse the nails for ten minutes. This simple trick works wonders, ideal to do it before the manicure.

8. Whitening toothpaste

Another trick to clean under nails and at the same time to whiten them will be to apply bleaching toothpaste. Performing a gentle massage on them. Let it act for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can use a specific nail brush, or the toothbrush that we discussed in the previous step, to rub and remove all the dirt and stains. To finish, apply moisturizing cream on the hands, emphasizing the nails.

9. Nail Polish remover

How to Clean Under Nails

It consists of removing the enamel if necessary. Wet a cotton with a little nail polish remover and rub to remove any remaining enamel remaining from previous applications. Let the remover dry on its own. For very strong and healthy, try to give them a break of enamel every few weeks.

10. Moisturizer

Wash your hands again and dry slightly, without rubbing. Apply a moisturizer to your hands. Finish if desired with a protective, transparent protective layer . Now your nails are in perfect condition and ready for an upcoming decoration!

11. Lemon juice

How to Clean Under Nails

The lemon juice is also a home remedy or trick very effective to clean under nails will help remove stains that appear as yellowish because of snuff. Dip a cloth in the lemon juice and rub your nails to make them perfect.

12. Whiten your nails

Even though clean under nails is essential, I also like to have nails white, clean and in perfect condition. And surely it must have happened on some occasion that because you forgot to put a base enamel, after removing the red enamel, all the nails were completely stained … Well no longer!

Don´t forget to use a good moisturizer every night before bedtime. The skin of your hands should also be in perfect condition. You can also apply apple cider vinegar, olive oil to moisturizing your nails.  I bet that care will help a lot to have a better cleaning. I hope that this article how to clean under nails is very useful to you.

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