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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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Last updated December 2017.

If you want keep your dog healthy, you should brush your dog’s teeth. Here is the guide to brush your dog’s teeth.

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly.

Dogs need to get practice to dental brushing very gradually, and make sure they learn to enjoy the experience. Each dog is unique and the training must adapt to its rhythm. Care must be taken when inserting your fingers into the dog’s mouth. It is not advisable to do this in aggressive dogs or dogs with a tendency to bite.

Basics to brush your dog’s teeth


Your beloved dog is in adult stage, its hard to practice to brush his teeth. But if you starts your training with puppy, it is easy to train him.

Adult dog

If your dog is already adult, its too hard to brushed it. When we notice a very bad breath in his mouth, we recommend to take it to the veterinary for a good cleaning. This is usually done with anesthesia, so you can successfully remove all tartar and fix some damaged tooth.

Choose the right toothpaste for your dog

It is very important to choose correct tooth paste for your dog. You shouldn’t use people toothpaste for the dog. Because it has fluoride, which is extremely poisonous to dogs. Dog-shaped toothpastes are sold by many pet store.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Many dog toothpastes can be obtained from different flavors. It helps to capture and maintain our dog’s interest in the routine of tooth brushing which will make it much easier and enjoyable for him.

It is likely that we should treat several flavors of toothpaste until we get the one that most likes our dog.


In the market we will find several types of dog toothbrushes. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. Dog brushes generally have bristles at a 45-degree angle to help you reach all the teeth including the back of the muzzle.

The size of our dog is something that we must take into account when choosing an appropriate brush. Because this must conform to the size of our pet’s muzzle, so a large dog will need a longer and wider brush and the smaller ones one of Smaller size.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Here are some tips for you to start brushing your dog’s teeth. Each stage lasts for at least 5 minutes and must be repeated five days before moving on to the next stage. This article contains 5 stages to brush your dog’s teeth.

If you want to brush your dog’s teeth, you must have dog’s toothpaste and tooth brush. Then you must cut your nails and wash your hands before do this.

1) Introduction to taste of toothpaste

  • Wash your hands and put some toothpaste on your index finger.
  • Let the dog lick the toothpaste of his finger.
  • Repeat it several times.

2) The dog is accustomed to contact in the mouth

  • Put toothpaste on your index finger, gently insert it into the dog’s mouth and slide it over the surface of the teeth and gums.
  • Do not insert your finger beyond the point where your dog feels comfortable.
  • Repeat it several times.

3) Introduction of toothbrush for dogs

  • Prepare the brush with water and toothpaste.
  • Let the dog lick some brush paste.
  • Gently hold the dog’s muzzle so it stops licking.
  • Begin to gently brush only the fangs, with vertical movements and with the toothbrush in canines towards the line of gum, take the brush from the gum to the end of the tooth.
  • At this stage, avoid brushing the incisors since they are the most sensitive area of ??the mouth.

4) Toothbrush-rear teeth

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

  • As in the previous stage, start by brushing the canines in vertical movements.
  • Advance gently along the posterior teeth to the canines in a circular motion. Don’t go beyond the point where the dog feels comfortable.
  • Brush the 2 sides of the mouth.

5) Toothbrush-All Teeth

  • Same as before, begin by brushing the canines and then the posterior teeth and ending with the incisors.
  • Hold the dog’s muzzle to keep the mouth closed and gently lift the upper lip, with the forefinger and thumb circling the snout, to discover the incisor teeth.
  • Many dogs are sensitive and may sneeze when their teeth are brushed.
  • Gently brush the anterior teeth by means of vertical movements (as with canines). Gradually increase the duration of brushing time.
  • For maximum protection, you have to brush your dog’s teeth every day.

I understand your insight as how possible to brush our dogs teeth. Now I will clearly explain you. Stop reading this article. Watch this video. It clears your doubt.

Additional tips for brushing your dog’s teeth

The type of feeding we give our dog is important for dental hygiene. It is always preferable to give them commercial food in the form of feed as this food doesn’t stick to teeth or gums unlike homemade or moist food.

Antiseptic Sprays

In the market we can find other types of products that are a good help for dental care, among these we find some sprays or gel that we can apply to our dog’s mouth. These products help to decrease the production of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Professional cleaning

When we do not get our dog to get used to dental cleaning it is necessary to consider doing a professional cleaning.

Bones or toys to chew or gnaw to help keep your dog’s teeth clean

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Dry food is better than soft food

When you start brushing your dogs teeth, it may produces swelling, bleeding or tears. Now you will choose another options to improve your dog’s dental health. Crunchy pet food is better for dog teeth than soft food. Because soft food stays stuck to teeth and its leads to cavities.

It is necessary to brush your dogs teeth. Through this article you learnt that how to brush your dog’s teeth perfectly. Now you will start brush your dog’s teeth. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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