Elbow Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Elbow Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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Today I will share about elbow pain, What is elbow pain, symptoms and its causes.

The elbow joint is made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments and liquids. Muscles and tendons help the elbow move in your joint.

When these muscles are used again and again, small micro-injuries occur in the tendon. It gives pain in elbow. Any activity involving repetitive twisting of the wrist can lead to this injury.

It is known as tennis elbow but its medical name is epicondylitis. The suffix ‘itis’ indicates inflammation. So the tennis elbow is an inflammation of the epicondyle tendons.

Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis is common. It suffers from 1 to 3% of the general population. It is more common in males between the ages of 40 and 50.

Elbow Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Epicondyle is muscles of the forearm join the lateral bone of the elbow. Excessive use of these muscles occurs frequently in sports, forced extension or rotation of the wrist or hand is performed. Gardening, using tools or hands to hold them for prolonged periods can also cause tennis elbow pain.

Types of elbow pain

1. Lateral epicondylitis

Commonly known as tennis elbow. Causes of tennis elbow is continuous tension on the muscles and ex-tensor tendons of the forearm. It occurs origin of the elbow.

2. Medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)

A condition in which forced flexion of the wrist can damage the tendons cause to elbow pain.

3. Tendonitis of the rotator cuff

Pathology of the men that is characterized by the inflammation of the capsule of the shoulder and of the related tendons.

4. DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis

The most common type of tenosynovitis. It consisting of inflammation of the tendon sheath of the tendons of the thumb.

5. Finger in spring

Tenosynovitis in which the tendon sheath becomes inflamed and thickened, thus preventing the person from flexibly extending. The finger or thumb may block or shoot suddenly.

Causes of elbow pain

Elbow pain caused by many factors. They are,

  • Recreational or work activities can cause joint damage.
  • Poor posture.
  • Soft tissue tension due to improperly or abnormally positioned joint or bone.
  • Other diseases.
  • Infections.




  1. Physical examination to diagnosis elbow pain or tennis elbow.
  2. No radio-logical tests are required to find elbow pain.


Symptoms of elbow pain

  • Generally feel pain when holding objects or grasping objects.
  • Lack of strength in the forearm.
  • Pain in the elbow.
  • Pressure at the insertion points of the tendons.
  • Generally, these pains stop at night.

Treatment of elbow pain

  • The treatment of tendinitis aims to reduce and relieve the elbow pain and inflammation of the affected area.
  • To reduce elbow pain, the main recommendation that specialists offer is rest to relax the affected tendon and help you recover
  • Applying ice after the post-party stretches.

Elbow Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

  • To avoid tennis elbow, apply ice through the sore area about 20 minutes.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to reduce elbow pain.
  • Rehabilitation based on stretching contributes to the recovery of the tennis elbow.
  • Once the condition has improved, it is vitally important to take care of the postural hygiene to avoid that the tennis elbow reappears.
  • In case the pain continues, stop playing and go to a physiotherapist . So that with ultrasound, bandages and other techniques try to eliminate the pain.

Prevention for tennis elbow

  • Not curing well tendinitis can lead to long term problems.
  • If the inflammation is prolonged for a long time increases the risk of injury and possible ruptures.
  • Treatment and recommendations of the doctor are not followed, the symptoms of elbow pain may reappear.
  • In the case of sports activities it is essential to have a good warm-up before starting sport.

Elbow Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

  • Avoid repetitive movements. It can overload the upper and lower trunk.
  • In the case of performing a sports practice based on repetitions, it is advisable to alternate these series with periods of rest and recovery.
  • Exercise all muscle groups to maintain flexibility and strength.
  • Maintain good hydration.

Now you know the causes and symptoms of elbow pain and how we Diagnosis and also the prevention method of elbow pain. Don’t forget to share this article.

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