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How to Cool Down a Room

Written by Jessie A

Last updated : October 2017.

In this article, I will teach how to cool down a room fast without air conditioner in this hot summer. Instruction in this article is very useful to overcome this summer.

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The hot days are usually unbearable, more if you don’t have an air conditioner at home that will cool your rooms. But don’t be afraid, in this article we propose some ideas to cool down a room fast. Then tips to spend the summer in the best possible way. Simple tips that will make your days are much more bearable and the heat is more bearable. Take note!

How to Cool Down a Room

1. Food and drink

how to cool down a room

  • In summer it is best to eat light things and hydrate continuously.
  • Think that if you eat pots, stews or hot things you will feel heavier, which will cause you to suffer more heat. So you will suffocate too much.
  • The most advisable thing is to take salads, fresh pasta or fruits.
  • In addition, we recommend refresh yourself by drinking water, eating some ice cream or drinking soft drinks without much gas. Feel light and cool.

2. Wear comfortable and cool

  • To feel better we advise you not to put on fabrics that give more heat. Uses natural fabrics like cotton, linen or silk .
  • We advise you to use loose wearing things and don’t tighten, so you can aerate.
  • Wears little clothes and uses light colors, as they attract less sunlight and, therefore, give less heat.
  • It helps to make you cool fast. You will get cool down.

3. Living place

  • If you live in a house, try to be stay in the lowest floors.
  • When you feel very hot, lie on the floor. It will relieve you.

4. To sleep

  • If the heat does not let you sleep placidly during the night, try installing a fan in your room to cool down a room fast.
  • Keep it to the minimum speed, with the gentle breeze you will feel better.
  • Try not to have the fan directly in your face, because you could get sick.
  • The best thing is that the air circulates freely through the room, it will cool you even more.

5. Other tricks for the night

how to cool down a room

  • To cool down a room fast, hang the sheets in the coolest room of the house during the day.
  • You can also put your pillow in a bag and put it in the freezer just one hour before bed.
  • We recommend that you use silk or satin pillowcases and sheets, as they will make you feel cooler at night, and above all, don’t get nervous.
  • Breathe deeply and avoid thinking about the heat you do. Because if you think it will be more difficult to fall asleep.

6. Think cold

  • Although it may seem a lie, thinking about cold things can help you feel fresher.
  • Read a book, watch a movie or search the internet for cold environment landscapes. You’ll feel better and you will cool down then sleep.

7. Curtains to cool down a room

  • To cool down a room fast without ac, try to lower the blinds and run the curtains during the day.
  • In this way you will prevent the rays of the sun from draining in your rooms and the heat will take over them.

8. At night, sleep with the windows open

how to cool down a room

  • At night it usually makes it cooler, so leaving some window open will help make cool down a room quickly.
  • Once the sun is out, you can open the door and windows to let the air run.

Do it if you live in a safe area and there is no risk of danger.

9. Air conditioner to cool down a room

  • If you have air conditioning, make it cool for a few hours.
  • Keep everything closed so the cold does not go away.
  • The ideal is to have it at a temperature of 21 degrees.
  • In case you do not have air conditioning, you can install fans in your rooms.
  • Ceiling fans go very well in the living room or dining room.

10. Home made air conditioning

Do you want to have your own air conditioning?

  • Put a metal container in the freezer for a few hours and remove it.
  • Then put the bowl in front of a fan and get the air to blow on the ice and cool you down. It works!

11. Turn off heat sources

  • Many objects we have at home are often sources of heat.
  • We recommend that you unplug all appliances that you should not use – such as the computer or the microwave – and turn off the lights.
  • You will see how the heat of your home diminishes.

12. For the patio, awnings and porches

  • If in your house you have a garden or patio you choose one of these two ideas.
  • Thus, you will not only shade a part of the patio.
  • But also prevent heat and light from entering through the window of the facade or the entrance door or exit to the garden.

13. Sprayer

how to cool down a room

  • Get one sprayer and fill it with water. So you can go splashing and refreshing your skin, without soaking.
  • You will notice a refreshing effect immediately.
  • Also try using a spray in front of the fan to cool you down.
  • Another trick is to freeze a small bag with water and place it in the neck at the time of the siesta.
  • It will refresh you.

14. Cold bath

  • Fill your bathtub with cold water and add ice cubes.
  • Relax with cold water and cool instantly.
  • In case you do not have a bath, we advise you to take a shower of cold water.
  • The effect will also be immediate and the body will stay cool for a good time when leaving.

15. Physical activities

  • Avoid leaving the house, doing sports or physical activities during the hours of sun.
  • During the half day the sun is more intense and, therefore, it is much hotter.
  • Doing outdoor activities during those hours can lead to more hot flashes.
  • Try to be in the shade or leave from the afternoon, when the street is cooler.

This article teaches you that how to cool down a room fast without ac in the hot summer. Tricks is in this article are really work. Try it and say bye, bye to summer heat.


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