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How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

Written by Jessie A

Last updated December 2017.

Clean makeup brushes is a very important task that you should not neglect or leave for later. You should know how to clean makeup brush properly. 

How to Clean Your Hands Properly.

If we want to have a face always perfect it is vital that our brushes are in the best conditions. The hygiene of our makeup brushes is vital to prevent the germs. That are produced in them to pass to our face and get a look with a more durable and beautiful finish. For this, in this article teach you how to clean your makeup brush properly.

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

Basic rule

The most important thing is to always wash them in the direction of the hair. The water goes from the base of the hair to the tip, and trying to wet the handle as little as possible. If we do it in the opposite direction, the water would enter the brush, and could damage the handle wood and spoil the hair fibers.

Another important aspect is drying. Depending on the hair density of the brush, it can take one to two days to completely dry. During this time, it is necessary that we keep our brushes in a horizontal position, otherwise the remaining water could also enter through the handle. How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly.

Method 1

According to makeup products

Brushes for powder products

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

To give a correct cleaning to our brushes, the first thing we must do is learn to distinguish the different uses that we give to the tools of our kit . When used only with powdered products such as blush, eye shadow or compact powder , increased dirt is much easier to remove. So it will be enough to use a moisturizing soap bar or a normal shampoo that does not have conditioners or silicone.

Brushes and brushes for fatty products

Brushes for cream or fluid products, such as concealer or foundation , must have a specific cleaning, as these products contain many more oils. It is more difficult to remove with previous methods. To eliminate them completely we will have to use olive oil. Then give them a wash of shampoo or soap to remove the remains of oil. Also we can use a dishwasher, which eliminates fat quickly and effectively, and the brushes are disinfected.

Olive oil is a very effective natural make-up remover.

Daily cleaning

To remove the remains of makeup and reuse the makeup brush at the moment with the help of instant cleaning fluids. You may buy them in market which don’t need water. You have to apply on the brush and rub the same with a Clean towel or absorbent paper. How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly.

Method 2

According to nature of brush

Clean makeup base brush

Wash after each use, minimum every two or three. As the makeup bases are so greasy I recommend dishwashers – that’s why they clean the fat of a stroke – another option is olive oil that undoes, hydrates your hands and is the perfect home make-up brushes cleaner.

Clean natural hair makeup brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

These are the ones you use for powder products such as shadows, rouge, sun powder, and you should clean them once a week with shampoo.

Clean synthetic hair makeup brushes

Ones you use brush for cream products such as lipstick, creamy blush, you should clean them with neutral PH soap. If you didn’t clean, they are very dirty. So clean it with dishwasher or olive oil.

Steps involved in clean your makeup brush

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

  1. It is very important that you clean your brushes with warm water and not cold. Because the cold water will not clean the brush completely.
  2. To clean the brush you don’t need to buy any special product for the washing of makeup brushes. You can do it with baby shampoo, or any shampoo with neutral PH.
  3. Put a drop or two of shampoo in the palm of your hand , wet it with warm water and rub the brush in your hand in circles . It is imperative that the brush is at all times with the hairs down.
  4. Don’t put the brush with the hair up because water can get inside the handle or stay in the ferrule and rot. Rinse the makeup brush with plenty of water under the tap. Also making circles with the brush, and be careful not to wet the metal part.
  5. Repeat step 3 several times until your makeup brush is completely clean. It is advisable to clean our makeup brushes at least once a week.
  6. Once the makeup brush is clean, you should let it dry. To leave it to dry don’t put it with the hair upwards. Lay it on a towel or any cloth that absorbs the water and leave it until completely dry.
  7. It will take a while to dry so we recommend you clean your brushes before going to sleep to let them dry all night. Then you can use them the next day in the morning.

In step 2, instead of shampoo you can use other things such as dishwater, olive oil etc, according to your brush and makeup things.

So easy and fast!. In just a few minutes you will have your makeup brush clean and ready to use again.

How to Clean Makeup Brush Properly

It is important that they lie down while they dry. If you leave them in an upright position, the bristles open in a fan and lose their shape.

Through this article you learnt that how to clean makeup brush properly. I hope that it is very useful to keep your makeup brush clean. Because it is important to clean your makeup brush properly.


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