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How to Build Muscle Naturally

Written by Jessie A

Last updated : October 2017.

Everyone needs more muscle to attractive others. If you want it, learn to earn it. In this article you will learn that how to build muscle naturally fast at home.

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There are plenty of reasons to gain muscle. If you do not have enough muscle, it will cost you horrors to lose fat. Ladies, do not worry, they are not going to be hulk. If you already have an age, the muscle is your pension plan to be healthy.

How to Build Muscle Naturally

1. Lifting weight

Long and continued efforts, such as backstroke or cycling, are great for burning fat. But they don’t make your muscles build. If you want to build your muscle, iron in your life.

2. Lift more weight

In order to your muscles to build, you have to push yourself beyond your limit. Careful, don’t get injured. Always keep the correct posture. Simply follow this principle: when your head tells you that you can’t lift the weight once more, lift it one more time.

3. Volume

The volume is the weight multiplied by the repetitions, and that is the value you have to increase. If you do only three repetitions with a lot of weight, you will increase the strength. But not the size of the muscles.

4. Short and intense

Spending two hours at the gym is a bad idea. Your muscles store finite energy in the form of glycogen. If you exhaust it, you will not be able to reach the maximum volume. Because you have run out of strength. You have to carry the muscle to the limit with the energy you have. The session should not last more than 50 minutes.

5. Measures and progresses

The muscles become accustomed to the effort. That’s why it’s important to keep a journal of training and your progress, and every day raise more volume than the last time. I did not say the same, I said something else. For example, if you did ten repetitions with 20 kilos, you have to do ten with 25 kilos, or twelve with 20 kilos.

6. Rest

Muscle does not build in the gym, it grows while you sleep. If you do not leave rest days between training, or do not sleep enough, the muscle fibers do not regenerate properly and do not grow.

7. Eat

We are talking about gaining muscle, not losing weight. You have to eat more, but without going over. Calculate an additional 15% on your usual expenses . Your body has to build new mass. So you need bricks, that is, more proteins. But not just proteins. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, the body breaks down proteins to use as energy. And they do not reach the muscles. Eat hydrates that are slowly absorbed, such as legumes, brown rice and lots of green. Do not forget the fat , little, but necessary.

8. No stress

You know that growth hormone is a must to increase your muscles. But if you are stressed , your body is flooded with cortisol, a hormone that puts us on alert. Cortisol blocks growth hormone and testosterone. It also suppresses the immune system, increasing the risk of falling ill. Take it easy.

6 Rules to Maintain Muscle

Don’t go to the gym or workout on an empty stomach :

How to Build Muscle Naturally

Especially if the session is going to be long or intense. Once the immediate sources of energy are exhausted, the body pulls reserves, and one of those reserves is the muscle that serves the body to continue functioning at the desired rate. Although the percentages of use of this source of energy are not very large, after the exercise time. If the protein structure is even more used, even once it is finished and until we do not have the full deposits. We will continue to draw muscle. Eating something suitable during training can also save us from burning muscle.

Eat hydrates and protein after training :

It is recommended that about an hour after training, carbohydrates are eaten plus protein, as hydrates increase insulin level (anabolism). Proteins help to have reserves to build muscle.

Sleep in quantity and quality :

This is very important, since the growth hormone, our great anabolic ally, activates while we sleep. This coupled with proper nutrition will lay the foundation for muscle growth.

Eat enough :

Not just in proteins, but in calories. If the energy balance is negative, again we say that the body pulls reserves to balance and one of them is the muscle.

Stay away from stress :

Although it may seem a topic, stress is very negative, and also for muscle growth. It activates the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for muscle metabolism. Hence, in times of stress, protein structures such as hair or muscle are affected.

Design a good bodybuilding plan :

If you want to maintain muscle with 2-3 days of gym and a table that includes all 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions with moderate weight will suffice. You must design the plan to build and maintain muscle.

Through this article you learnt that how to gain a pound of muscle per a week. Try it and get more muscle. I hope that this article how to build muscle naturally fast at home is very useful to you. And don’t forget to share it. Are you ready to try it?

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