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How to Get Long Hair Fast

Written by Jessie A

Last updated December 2017.

Long hair is a hot trend in the last three years. Every women want to get long and shiny hair. Take notes from this article, it will teach you 10 best ways to get long hair fast and home remedies to grow long hair.

Average of hair grow is between 1 centimeter and 1.5 per month. So if we take care of our hair we can all achieve long and beautiful hair in a short time. It is one of the most important attitude towards women. Because it gives her security and gives her that feminine and attractive touch that everyone wants to have.

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But, not all people have the same type of hair and don’t have the same amount of nutrients for it to abound and grow to the desired extent. That is why, most of times they resort to chemical treatments that always end up mistreating the hair or, worse, breaking it and altering its natural growth to the point that it no longer grows.

How to Get Long Hair Fast

1. Bean ink with white wine


  • ½ cup of beans (225 g).
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml).
  • ½ cup white wine (250 ml).


  • Bring the half cup of beans to the boil with the cup of water.
  • When the water is completely red, add the 1/2 cup of white wine.
  • Let it cool for only fifteen minutes.
  • Then apply it to the hair and leave it for another fifteen minutes.
  • You can put a spray cap to make the mixture penetrate much better.
  • After time, rinse your hair with a shampoo without salt and apply conditioner.
  • Repeat this every eight days and you will get very good results in a very short time.

2. Cuts the hair to grows

  • Yes, it sounds contradictory and it seems that doesn’t have much logic, but it is totally true.
  • It is proven that to grow yours hair stronger and faster, you must cut ends of your hair.
  • When we don’t cut our hair, it continues to grow but slowly.
  • It is not necessary to cut it every month, as some hairdressers recommend, but at least four times a year. He thinks it is like a tree that needs to be cleaned from the dry leaves so that they grow healthy and stronger ones.
  • Not only will you grow faster but also gain more density. So that you will have more amount of hair and your mane will look more abundant.
  • A cut in time can save our hair! In addition, they say that if we cut it when the moon is in the fourth quarter, its influence will accelerate hair growth , as with nails.
  • There is no scientific evidence about it, but what is lost by trying!

3. Sleeping with wet hair is harmful

Going to bed with wet hair is not good for hair growth . This will weaken gradually and the cuticle will be damaged. In addition, it can cause very annoying itching or irritations in the scalp.

So taking into account that dryers are also aggressive agents for our hair, try to wash your hair long enough to be dry at bedtime. If you are in a hurry, it is always preferable to dry it with a soft towel so that it doesn’t break. Then give it a touch of hair, always with at least 15 centimeters distance between the hair and the mouthpiece with the cold air.

4. Massaging the scalp encourages growth

For hair to grow, it needs the blood to water the scalp well. Gently massaging the root of the hair in the form of circles for about 5 minutes a day. Take advantage of moments when you are relaxed on the couch or while you are showering and applying the mask. 10 Best Ways to Get Long Hair in Short Time.

10 Best Ways to Get Long Hair in Short Time

The hair follicles will be nourished, which will have a revitalizing effect and will generate new hair . You can do it with both wet and dry hair. One trick to make it more effective is to place a warm towel over your head before you start to promote circulation. It is one of the best home remedy to get long hair fast.

5. Good diet to get long hair

A good diet is beneficial for the hair. As important is the outer hair care as the interior. Vitamin E is essential for hair to grow healthy . Eat foods rich in it like avocado , banana or apple. Also, it requires vitamin B very present in blue fish, legumes and many nuts.

6. Keep the tips always to get long hair

Apart from cutting them frequently, when you leave your hair long you notice that the tips is the area most punished and weakens the rest of the hair. To keep them hydrated apply after each wash argon oil or, if not olive oil. You will notice the hair is smooth and shiny.

If your hair is oily or has a tendency, Limit yourself exclusively to giving oil on the tips without touching the rest of the hair. Although the root is too hydrated, the tips always need extra care .

7. Natural masks to boost growth

Drawing on popular wisdom, we can find home remedies to improve the health of our hair and accelerate growth. Aim these two:

10 Best Ways to Get Long Hair in Short Time

  • Aloe vera with honey. It is very simple, we must extract the pulp of aloe vera and mix it with honey. Apply it before washing the hair and let it act for 20 minutes. The results are very effective.
  • Yogurt and avocado . Surely you have heard this before. Mix a yogurt with half avocado and if you want you can add the yolk of an egg. Extend it by the hair, to act 20 minutes and then wash it. The sheen that leaves you is amazing. How to Get Long Hair fast.

8. Don’t use hot water 

Don’t use hot water to wash it. Use hot water doesn’t clean more and spoils your hair more. Always use cold water is better than warm water. In addition to bringing more shine, close the hair follicles and your hair will be healthier.

9. A good brushing is paramount

10 Best Ways to Get Long Hair in Short Time

If you untangle the hair suddenly all you get is that it breaks more easily. Before brushing your hair, remove excess water with a soft towel and use softener or lotion detangling. It is always better to use a comb with wide spikes than a brush. Divide hair by tufts and comb them separately.

10. Wash your hair properly

There are common mistakes that we all make if you don’t tell us.

10 Best Ways to Get Long Hair in Short Time

  • Don’t wash your hair every day . That way you will eliminate the natural oils from the hair and you will be harming it. It is best to do it every two.
  • When you apply the shampoo, don’t rub all your hair knotting . Always make them in the direction of the root to the tips.
  • If we don’t rinse well , we encourage the appearance of dandruff.
  • When you get out of the shower, don’t wrap your hair in a towel! Wet hair is more fragile and we can break it more easily.

11. Don’t punish your hair any more

Dyes, The dryer iron … Everything weakens your hair. If it is inevitable to dye your hair, because you have gray hair, always choose dyes with component more natural and without ammonia. And when using irons or dryer, it is imperative to apply a thermal protector beforehand. Having a long but burnt hair is not nice, for that is preferable cut it, so we must avoid reaching that point. How to Get Long Hair Fast.

I think, you learnt that the 10 best ways to get long hair fast and home remedies to grow long hair through this article. This is really help you to keep your hair longer and healthier.

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